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encodable | \ in- kod-uh-buhl\ adj. 
: able to convert (something, such as a body of information) from one system of communication into another. 

impact | \ im- pakt\ verb 
: to have an impact or strong effect

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Building a Heart of Purpose

The word "encode" simply means to write. Converting thoughts into meaning in order to communicate with others or take action is at the heart of our purpose. Reading and writing profoundly impact societies, law, and the evolution of ideas that advance humankind from one time period to the next. As humans we are constantly striving to make meaning of the past in order to feel loved, accepted and safe in our current circumstances. Learning from others' past mistakes, encounters and happenstance of others offers profound insight that has the power for us to make meaningful, thorough and relevant choices for our own life. We are living in an era of awakening, renaissance and spiritual evolution. There is a powerful connection between reading and writing. Both feed the soul. We are grateful that our authors have captured their life altering narratives, poetry, Biblical and historical knowledge and wisdoms for the purpose of supporting your personal journey in seeking light. The most powerful manuscript of all time is the Bible. It is the measure by which we compare everything. The Bible is God-breathed and equips us to face trials in life with joy, adoration, relief and gratitude. 


Our Vision

To transform your life from darkness to light, through reflection, engagement and immeasurable joy. We share our stories of hope, forgiveness, and light so that you too will have the courage to ask God to bless the trajectory of your life even in your darkest moments. We envision you evolving and refining your own life to impact those within your sphere of influence so they too may experience the splendor and happiness that God has planned for you. 


Our Mission 

Ask audaciously of God. 

Pray intercessory prayers for people in need. 

Praise God and others. 

Learn alongside each other through book studies, devotionals and the solitude of reading and journaling.  

Engage in the Word of God seeking to understand His nature and His promises.

Serve those within your sphere of influence. 

God has called each and every one of us for His  purpose through grace. We are one body and one Spirit. Legacies are often born by simply following the light and carrying out God's will. Our prayer is that talent and gifts that our authors bring through their struggles and life journey will pave the way for your future triumphs of obstacles. At Encodable Impact we aim to fuel your journey with hope as a catalyst to break free from the chains of darkness.  To join in an awakening of creative renaissance that exemplifies passion, peace, happiness, unity and joy. Every human deserves spiritual assurance and the hope of heaven. 

“I am the one, I sweep away your transgressions for my own sake and remember your sins no more." -Isaiah 43:25

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